Become a Portfolio Client

What is a Portfolio Client?

Portfolio Clients are businesses and brands that we work with who agree to be featured in our portfolio. 

Who can become Portfolio Client?

Becoming a Portfolio Client is perfect for start-up brands and companies, business owners who are making the transition from using socials passively and personally to intentionally and professionally. This opportunity is also great for established business owners who aren’t fluent in the social media landscape.

The Social AdVantage’s niche offerings include a variety of online products, cosmetic services and online metaphysical products and services.

What exactly will be showcased in your Portfolio?

Any services we provide may be featured in our portfolio. This may include: Content we’ve created for your business’s socials, Before and After screen captures of analytics on the different platforms we work on and  summaries of copies created for you brand.

How can I become a Portfolio Client?

To become a Portfolio Client, first, you will need to schedule a discovery call. During this call we will get to know each other, and review your business goals. If we both agree that we are the right fit for each other we will discuss next steps and you’ll become a portfolio client.

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